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Who's the Guide


As a Frenchman and Parisian “pur jus,” and with the perception of someone who lives here and wants others to benefit of it, I love to show around my city of Paris in all its diversity. From recounting Paris and France’s rich history with strong facts and entertaining anecdotes to cluing in guests into the authentic lifestyle of the Parisians, my motto is: To make you genuinely be a part of it!

With 11+ years spent in the US, I am culturally bilingual and well-versed into the American culture and mindset. With several years of experience as a Paris tour guide, knowledgeable, and curious by nature, I always find it exciting to meet new people from all over the world with all kinds of backgrounds and personalities. Because, ultimately, it is people that I am passionate for and to connect with others, to share and combine our life experiences.

Side fact: One of my numerous sweet sins is a passion for Argentine Tango for which I made it close to finals at the Argentine Tango USA Championship. So, Tangueros and Tangueras on vacation in Paris, I can help you find the best Parisian milongas.